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We have regular on-site training to deliver the latest GMP knowledge/concepts to everyone in the company. This is to ensure that each employee is fully aware of any update in the quality system. Over the years, we have continuously recruited people specialized in regulatory field and have also closely cooperated with our customers in order to upgrade our GMP level.

      Meanwhile, every employee in the corporation strives for full compliance with current GMP standards. Through internal and external audits periodically, we scrutinize and operate an effective quality system that guarantees the reliability of our products.

      All efforts made are worthwhile. Inspections by local regulatory authorities as well as audits from customers worldwide have successfully conducted. In addition, we have successfully managed our first US FDA inspection in 2006 and obtained the EIR in Sep. 2006. Moreover, we are expecting inspections from Japanese authority in Year 2009 and European authority in the near future. We believe it is another growing experience for us and will certainly bring our GMP level to a global standard.


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