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We have developed a revolutionary synthetic approach, which has not only significantly reduced the total synthetic steps of prostaglandins but has also efficiently lowered the levels of impurities, particularly stereo-isomers, in the final products. We have current two patent applications with major patents offices worldwide (US 2007/0166809 and US 2007/0167641). More proprietary work has been developed for different product lines and is to be filed of patents soon. Due to the novel technology platform, we aim to provide a total solution for prostaglandin synthesis and have been able to expand the product spectrum and capacity easily, yet have maintained a high product quality comparable to that of the originators. More excitingly, hundreds of novel PG intermediates, explored along with the mentioned novel approaches, offer more possibilities for convenient synthesis of new PG entities and facilitate the screening of new PG drugs, which may not be achievable when using conventional approaches.

     It should also be noticed that Chirogate carries the entire synthesis of prostaglandin products by our own from the very beginning to final products, including every intermediates. Unlike other manufacturers, which could face problems due to shortage of key reaction intermediates supplies, Chirogate fully controls the manufacturing of final products. With independent manufacturing capabilities, Chirogate assures steady supply of our products and efficient control of the product prices in conforming with market expectations.


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