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Chirogate was founded in 1999 by a group of chemical scientists and technology professionals. With a strong technology background, we found it advantageous to work on niche-market molecules such as PGs because this group of products has long been considered difficult for artificial synthesis in terms of long reaction steps required and challenges in controlling the multi-chirality of the compound. The company was first started as a R&D laboratory. Very soon, we made remarkable progress in product development and successfully turned from a laboratory into a professional API supplier. Over the years, we have achieved remarkable growth on the market and have become a competitive manufacturer in prostaglandin field.

      Because the company is owned and operated by technical people, Chirogate has been worshipping the value of technology and putting a lot of efforts in elevating our technical capability. By developing our own novel proprietary processes and cutting-edge technology platforms, we supply high quality prostaglandin products worldwide. More importantly, we have never forgotten the importance of GMP and have invested a lot in implementing quality system. Right from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished products, all activities are carried out in full compliance of cGMP regulations as well as international drug manufacturing codes. Serious attention to every manufacturing detail ensures the quality, safety and reliability of our products. Successful inspections by customers, authorities and especially US FDA make the best explanation itself.

      We work with customers in both regulated and non-regulated markets all over the world by supplying highest quality products with competitive prices. We value different requirements from customers and always pursue our best to our customers’ satisfaction. Chirogate's continuous dedication to developing proprietary technology and to improving product quality is an eternal promise to customers.


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