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The purity and therefore the safety of the pharmaceuticals are always a key concern in pharmaceutical industries. To prevent mix-ups and cross contaminations in the manufacturing, we choose the simplest way to solve the issue; building up independent and dedicated facilities as well as equipments for each product we produce. The investments are certainly remarkable but the result is worthy itself. Building up dedicated facilities and equipments costs much more compared to producing all APIs using a single set of facilities and equipments. However, by adopting dedicated systems, we maximally guarantee the purity as well as the quality of the products and believe it the best way of fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.



Currently, we have four plant sites located in Taoyuan area. Each site has several dedicated production workshops all equipped with independent HVAC systems as well as product equipments. All facilities in our plants are designed according to current GMP concepts in conformance with ICH and PIC/S guidelines. Manufacturing is always carried out in controlled clean rooms to minimize potential contamination.